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it shows his sass

Deep green reflection | Hidetoshi Kikuchi


So the 7th Iron Fey book has a title again, but I really like this one, so hopefully it sticks



~Calling All Fanartists~


There are only ~FOUR~ whole Sage fanart on this site pardonmewhileicry

Which got me thinking (dangerous, I know):

What if once every month we do a sort of character dedication? At the beginning of each month, I’ll take a poll for which character y’all want to see most. Whoever wins will have the month dedicated to all you lovely fanartists drawing them! (This could range anywhere from a simple sketch to a full blown masterpiece! Any and all fanart would be lovingly accepted!!)

Artists who chose to participate will have a spotlight of their art, a link to said art, and a link to their blog here:


ooooh ahhhhhh how fancy (come on, work with me people!!)

Depending on how many people choose to participate (and we welcome ALL artists!!), the art will be showcased anywhere from 1 day to 1 month. 

To all of your writerly folks, we’d love to include you, too! c: Submissions for daily/weekly prompts for what you would like to see drawn, prose to go along with the fanart, etc. etc. is definitely encouraged!!

Iron Fey Fandom, I need your help!


I finally found a video editor which doesn’t suck and is free, but now I have no idea which actors/actresses to pick for an Iron Fey trailer.

They have to have many scenes out of which I could pick the right frames. So I prefer to get suggestions from actors/actresses who are on a TV show.


'Green Tones' by Taffiti

Meg from The Iron Fey. Just started this series and I’m in love with it!
Meg (c) Julie Kagawa