"Summer and Winter were supposed to be enemies. We were not supposed to cooperate, we were not supposed to go on quests together…"
- Oberon
“If Puck was dead, my world would become as cold and lifeless as the darkest night in the Winter Court” 
- Ash

Ziad Nakad Haute Couture Spring/Summer 2014

“You’re kind of blind, you know?”



Chasefellow playlist

1. White Foxes - Susanne Sudfor 2. The Hill - Marketa Irglova 3. Fragile Love - Adam Agin 4. Can’t Help Falling In Love - Ingrid Michaelson 5. Faintest Of Sparks - Amandine 6. Distance - Christina Perri & Jason Mraz 7. Unattainable - Little Joy 8. Over The Love - Florence & The Machine 9. Prelude 12/21 - AFI 10. Remain - Tyrone Wells 11. Let Her Go - Passenger


How I Live Now (2013)

Queen Mab - The Iron fey
“Think of every fairy-tale villainess you’ve ever heard of. Think of the wicked witches, the evil queens, the mad enchantresses. Think of the alluring sirens, the hungry ogresses, the savage she-beasts. Think of them and remember that somewhere, sometime, they’ve all been real.Mab gave them lessons.”